Product Review: The Heavy Handle

I recently received a set of "Heavy Handles," a rather unique training tool. It's basically a double-pronged adjustable dumbbell handle. You can add weight to either of the threaded shafts, creating a dumbbell with an offset center of gravity. Thus you can change the angle of resistance for many conventional dumbbell exercises and make them much more difficult.

The Heavy Handle requires standard, one-inch hole plates and comes in 2 grip sizes: a one inch ergonomic handle and a two inch thick bar handle. The Heavy Handle also has a cable ring attachment for use with pulley machines.

I've definitely noticed a difference in using the Heavy Handle. Dumbbell flyes, rows, curls, laterals and triceps extensions all feel very different and more difficult with the Heavy Handle. I actually had to use weights lighter than I use with conventional dumbbells. I've also noticed that my upper body musculature has thickened up quite a bit, especially in my forearms and back.

The only disadvantage to this training tool is that because the thick offset grip engages your forearms and grip so much, your other upper body muscles don't get quite as much stress. So if you were to use the Heavy Handle for triceps extensions, then your forearms might get trashed, but your triceps won't be fully stimulated.

But this is only a temporary setback, because once you switch from thick bar training to regular dumbbells and barbells, your poundages go up.

The Heavy Handle cost $19.95 for one, $29.95 for two, which is a very good deal considering conventional cable attachments cost just as much. For strong bodybuilders and athletes, I suggest that you get the 2" thick bar handle, since it costs just the same as the 1" ergonomic handle. Overall, a great training tool for the strength athlete. Visit to purchase a set.
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