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You Got to Have Faith

"I found your workout plan for ectomorphs on a few months ago (Hypertrophy Training for the Ectomorph- The 10-8-6-15 Program), and it has really worked wonders for me. I am not sure that I am a complete Ecto, but I am 6'4" and have always been somewhat of a hard gainer.

"After a few months following the plan in the article, I have seen tremendous results. My question for you is whether or not I should switch up the workout every 12 or so weeks, or should I just stick with the plan as it is? I am sure you are quite busy, but I was hoping that you might have the time for some feedback.

"I also just wanted to thank you for the helpful program. When I first found the article, I was a bit skeptical, and it took something of a leap of faith to switch from my 5-6 day a week super intense workout regimen, to the program you suggested. I am glad that I did. Also, the 3 day a week workout cycle is a lot more practical for my life schedule. Well, tha…


Q: I will try and make this as quick as possible. First I have a BS Degree in Nutrition and Food Science. I am now on disability due to a CNS disease, but to keep it simple is ataxia (many different symptoms and levels of progression) no cure.

I have loved weight lifting for 20 or more years (41 now). In 2005 and 2006 I had 2 separate back surgeries: L4 L-5 area herniated discs. It blew out again July 2007, then 2 more times on December 24, 2007 and then July 2008 (July seems to be a bad month).

I do have a 3rd surgery scheduled tentatively (a fusion this time) in May. I still lift: chest 1 day, biceps 1 day and triceps 1 day. I am going back for a final visit the 15th of April with the neurosurgeon. Maybe to delay and see if I could go about 3 months longer and see a physical therapist to see what leg and abdominal exercises I could train before surgery that may help with a quicker recovery.

I cannot lift super heavy maybe ever again, but at 6 feet I stay at 180 to 185 at m…

The Best Mass Building Program

Q: I'm just wondering which program of yours is the best for mass muscle gains. I've been doing your Mass/Muscularity program on, but I was thinking maybe the Shotgun Method would be better. Which would be the best for gains in muscle mass?


My Answer: They're both good mass building programs, but how you connect the 2 programs will amplify the effects of these programs even more. You're starting off with the Post-Exhaust program and then switching to the Shotgun Method, but it should really be the other way around: 2-3 weeks of the Shotgun Method followed by 3 weeks of the Post-Exhaust program. This sequencing of programs is much better and will take advantage of the "backcycling" strategy found in Neo-Classical Bodybuilding.

Q:I'm currently training with Singapore's national squad and am hoping to eventually wear my national colours. However I'm curious, as a weightlifter, how can I move up a weight class? Assumin…

Increase Muscle Mass While Losing Fat

"I am planning to start a conditioning program, but I am uncertain on the proper approach and way to begin. I am seeking advice as to formulating a program that increases muscle mass while losing fat. What kind of diet should I be looking into, and what sort of training should I be commencing?"

Lester Lai

My Answer: You want your cake and eat it too, huh? If you want it all, then you're going to have to give it your all. No compromised effort in training, no half-hearted attempts at dieting. Try the Strength Training for Fat Loss program and do your homework on dieting: Getting Big Without Getting Fat

"I would like to ask regarding on body workout: how many hours of sleep do I need? Is there any possible negative effect if you workout then sleep only in just 4-5 hours a day? Hope you could give me answer to this. Thank you."

Best Regards,

My Answer: Yes there are negative effects to lack of sleep. For one thing, you won't gain as much muscle…