Increase Muscle Mass While Losing Fat

"I am planning to start a conditioning program, but I am uncertain on the proper approach and way to begin. I am seeking advice as to formulating a program that increases muscle mass while losing fat. What kind of diet should I be looking into, and what sort of training should I be commencing?"

Lester Lai

My Answer: You want your cake and eat it too, huh? If you want it all, then you're going to have to give it your all. No compromised effort in training, no half-hearted attempts at dieting. Try the Strength Training for Fat Loss program and do your homework on dieting: Getting Big Without Getting Fat

"I would like to ask regarding on body workout: how many hours of sleep do I need? Is there any possible negative effect if you workout then sleep only in just 4-5 hours a day? Hope you could give me answer to this. Thank you."

Best Regards,

My Answer: Yes there are negative effects to lack of sleep. For one thing, you won't gain as much muscle mass as you would with a full night's rest. Your muscle growth, mental clarity and mood stability are compromised, because you're not allowing for full recovery. If you can't get a full 8-9 hours in one continuous block, then take another 4-5 hour nap some other time.

I find that I often wake up 5 hours into my sleep. If I can't get back to sleep, then I'll get up and do stuff and have something to eat if I'm hungry. Just go with the flow and with what your body is telling you.

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