Olympic Lifting and Hypertrophy Work

"Hey James. I am a 51 year old Homicide detective for the City of Philadelphia. I also have done Olympic lifting on and off since my teen years. I have read your many articles and ordered your books. I enjoy your writings very much.

"What would you suggest for an old head like me who would like to still compete (Masters) in the Olympic lifts but want to add some muscle and strength? Most of my training is at home, so I am limited to a full Olympic set, dumbbells, squat racks and kettlebells.

"Any advice and or routines would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work. I know this has been a very tough year for Police Officers.....please be safe and continue the good fight!"

Gregory Santamala

My Answer: Good to hear from you detective. Yes, this really has been a tough year for law enforcement, and I can only imagine it's been a rough one for you guys at the Homicide Unit in Philly. I answered your exact same question for someone else, so here's what I told him.

1) You can use my Shotgun Method. For Shotgun Days, practice your compulsory lifts (snatch, clean and jerk) and assistance lifts (front squats, Romanian deadlifts, etc.)

On your Troubleshooting Days, do some hypertrophy work. So during the week, you'll do 2 Olympic weightlifting workouts (one heavy, one light) and 2 bodybuilding workouts.

2) If you can only do 3 workouts a week, then do the Olympic lifts at the beginning of the workouts, and then follow up with hypertrophy work. Just make sure you don't go beyond an hour.
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