Choose Your Weapon

Q: "For your Shotgun Method you have two different layouts. I'm just wondering which one is better to follow? Version One or Version Two?


My Answer: What's important are not the program parameters, but the principles of shotgunning (choosing the fewest number of exercises to stimulate the most amount of muscle) and troubleshooting (choosing exercises to address lagging muscle groups). The program parameters (sets, reps and rest periods) are flexible, which is why there were 2 different versions of the Shotgun Method.

Version One, which appeared in my 5 Battle-Tested Strategies for Size and Strength, will give you some impressive size and strength. You'll be strong as an ox, and you'll look like one too. Version One will give you the scary badass mofo look, similar to that of a wrestler. You will, however, be more likely to overtrain on this program if you stay with it too long.

Version Two found in my article The Shotgun Method will get you strong too, but it will give you more of a bodybuilder look. This version will emphasize symmetry more and give you a more balanced muscular physique.

Q: "Having read your books, articles & blogs, I know you keep your supplements to a minimum and prefer Biotest. As a 51 year old male, what 2 supplements would you recommend? A pre-workout formula like Surge and a testosterone booster, or a testosterone booster and an estrogen suppressant? Thanks!"

-Greg S.

My Answer: If money wasn't an issue, then I'd buy all three. But if you could only buy 2, then ask yourself what your priorities are. If you value size and recovery, then Surge and a testosterone booster would be the way to go. If you're looking to revitalize your health and your testosterone, however, then do a T-booster and estrogen blocker.
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