Follow-up to 5x5

"Hi there James. Last time I wrote you recommended that I use a 5x5 program to increase my results. With this program I have seen great results, but again I think it is time for a new routine. So I have two questions for you:

1) If I wanted to keep gaining size what would be the best follow up program?

2) If I was satisfied with the results, how would I go about 'toning' my body or 'cutting' up? I'm not sure of the proper word, but what would be the ideal program for that approach? Thanks again as always James.


My Answer: You're going to have a hard time training for 2 separate goals at the same time. A servant cannot serve 2 masters. You either focus on size or you focus on tone or you focus on cutting up.

For those of you who don't know, muscle tone means your muscles are thick and dense, so much so that your muscles visually appear thick and dense.

Cutting up is different. Getting cut means that your body fat is so low that you can see muscle definition.

Muscle tone comes from high muscular tension. High tension comes from heavy weights. Tone does not come from high reps, as most people believe.

Thus, 5x5 is a program that increases muscle tone as well as size. Since you've been doing 5x5, my suggestion is to switch it up and follow a cutting phase. 8x8 should do the trick.

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