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I Want to Be Ripped!

Just a heads up readers. Strength and Physique:Tactics and Strategies is now available for purchase. Order your copy today!

Q: "James, how is it going? I am starting my police officer program in September 09. Going back to school to get a 2 year or less degree, taking firearm training, hand to hand training, hand cuffs, baton training etc. I want in, and I will do whatever it takes as long as it's legal obviously.

"I was wondering if I could get some guidance for work outs. I am 40 and used to be a hockey player, but I have not worked out since 2005 seriously. I have 2 kids and a wife, and we'll be in school full time. However, I want to be ripped. I am 5'9 and 195 lbs.

"I appreciate any help you can bring!"
- Martin P.

My Answer: If you haven't seriously worked out since 2005, then get back into training. Any type of strength training. You're at a point where your primary goal should be consistency. Once you're consistent, then figur…

Supplementation for the Academy

"My name is Recruit Ruiz, and this recruit has just began training in the police academy. To give you a brief history, this recruit is a former correctional officer who has decided to make a career change to a police officer. The reason this recruit is emailing you is because this recruit would like to know if you had any recommendations of supplements/vitamins to aid in the muscle growth throughout training. This recruit would greatly appreciate any advice that would be offered and is not asking for a 'get big quick solution.' This recruit is asking for healthy additional fuel for the body."

Recruit Ruiz

My Answer: Recruit Ruiz, it's OK. You're in the real world, and nobody here in the real world refers to him or herself in the 3rd person.

I'm just joking with you Ruiz.

Anyway, to answer your question as far supplements, I'm partial to Biotest supplements for muscle. Protein Factory has some good stuff too, plus they allow you to cust…

Preview of Volume 3: Tactics and Strategies

As always, I've been quite busy as of late, with several different things going on in my life. Not only do I run 2 blogs, write magazine articles and work full-time as a cop (I recently made detective), but I'm also going to be a dad. I'm going to be so busy, that I actually let go of my training clientele in anticipation of all the craziness that's going to happen.

One project that I will be finishing up fairly soon, however, is... yep, you guessed it:


I've written another strength training and bodybuilding book. This one is titled, "SPV3: Tactics and Strategies."

Tactics and Strategies is a bodybuilder's version of a football playbook. I've compiled new training techniques and programs not mentioned in my previous books. Tactics and Strategies contains a plethora of muscle-building routines to choose from:

- Explosiveness, power, strength, size. Want to have it all? You can have it all with the program fo…