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I Want to Be Ripped!

Just a heads up readers. Strength and Physique:Tactics and Strategies is now available for purchase. Order your copy today!

Q: "James, how is it going? I am starting my police officer program in September 09. Going back to school to get a 2 year or less degree, taking firearm training, hand to hand training, hand cuffs, baton training etc. I want in, and I will do whatever it takes as long as it's legal obviously.

"I was wondering if I could get some guidance for work outs. I am 40 and used to be a hockey player, but I have not worked out since 2005 seriously. I have 2 kids and a wife, and we'll be in school full time. However, I want to be ripped. I am 5'9 and 195 lbs.

"I appreciate any help you can bring!"
- Martin P.

My Answer: If you haven't seriously worked out since 2005, then get back into training. Any type of strength training. You're at a point where your primary goal should be consistency. Once you're consistent, then figur…

Preview of Volume 3: Tactics and Strategies

As always, I've been quite busy as of late, with several different things going on in my life. Not only do I run 2 blogs, write magazine articles and work full-time as a cop (I recently made detective), but I'm also going to be a dad. I'm going to be so busy, that I actually let go of my training clientele in anticipation of all the craziness that's going to happen.

One project that I will be finishing up fairly soon, however, is... yep, you guessed it:


I've written another strength training and bodybuilding book. This one is titled, "SPV3: Tactics and Strategies."

Tactics and Strategies is a bodybuilder's version of a football playbook. I've compiled new training techniques and programs not mentioned in my previous books. Tactics and Strategies contains a plethora of muscle-building routines to choose from:

- Explosiveness, power, strength, size. Want to have it all? You can have it all with the program fo…