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Diet and Supplementation Book?

Q:I meant to say a while back [that] your third book is great! Very cool workouts that I want to try in the future. Love the article for women as well. Now I can finally get my girlfriend in shape.  Anyway I just have two questions:
1. For the size and strength workout, you say to alternate between 2 workouts for 5 days a week. So this means Monday, Wednesday, Friday I do Workout #1, and Tuesday, Thursday do Workout #2? And for pull ups, should weight be added? Same question for sternum pull ups during the 3x3 week.
2. I'm wondering if you were thinking about writing a book related to other aspects of bodybuilding? Like the importance of sleep, dietary guidelines for bulking/cutting/etc, supplements and other important topics? I know it sounds like I'm kissing your ass or something but I don't know: ever since I started working out with your workout regimens I actually made progress. Your workout ideology is smart, and when I have better results doing one exercise per body p…

Martial Arts Relevant to Cops

"Hi, I have been reading some articles (not all yet) of yours on As a fellow Police Officer (just 3 years) I appreciate reading articles regarding police fitness by someone who has been there, done that.

"I am currently only lifting weights with minimal cardio right now. I like the idea of the HIIT cardio, and will do that from now on.

"My question is regarding training, specifically to martial arts. I love to train with weights and want to continue to gain mass and functional strength, but I also want skill and training. I love the idea of doing some MMA training, Muay Thai, etc. but have not enrolled into any programs yet. I am afraid those courses will be ‘too much’ and ‘unnecessary.’ They will also burn a tremendous amount of calories which will hinder my weight training/gaining mass. I was thinking more of a Judo or Aikido approach, where the workouts won’t burn your through thousand plus calories everyday.

"Does this at all mak…