Muscle Specialization Programs


"I'm following the 20 pull-ups training program and am training pull-ups Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

"Is it safe to do other biceps exercises on Monday and Friday? Or should I leave out any other biceps exercises? I did 4 sets of curls yesterday, and it didn't seem to hurt. I did them about half an hour after the pull-ups and did squats in between."


My Answer: It shouldn't be a problem. In general when you do a specialization program, you'll need to put all other body parts on maintenance mode. So if you're doing a specialization program for pull-ups, then you have to scale back on your sets for body parts other than the back and biceps. That means 3-4 sets each for chest, delts, quads, hamstrings, calves and triceps during the pull-up program.
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