Dieting and Lifting for the Tall Vegetarian

How are you? It's great to have you by my side, so that I can establish my goal in life. I am 34 years of age, Christian, living in Mumbai.

I write to you, because you are smart, perfect and the most intelligent person. I need your help and instructions as how I can build a good body.

I am very skinny. I weigh 57 kg, and my height is 6.1 feet. I have bought gym equipment at home that is a flat bench, dumbbells and EZ-Curl bar.

I don't know anything about diet and why I am thin in spite of eating.

Yes I don't eat meat, because it is very expensive here. I eat chicken noodles, cheese, roasted peanuts and roasted soyabeans.

Please guide me on nutrition and what will make me grow bigger in size. I want a bigger chest and good arms and my whole body to be muscular.

Is ice cream good for adding fats and calories?

-Shon Estella

My Answer: Shon, your compliments creep me out, but thanks. Anyway, if you don't eat meat, then it's just going to be very tough for you to gain muscle. You definitely need to eat more food, even though you may feel like your actually eating a lot.

What will help you stimulate appetite as well as help you gain weight is to train like a powerlifter and focus on multiple sets of progressively heavy weight on the major lifts: bench press, squats and deadlifts. Your home gym only has dumbbells and an EZ-curl bar, so I suggest you get an Olympic barbell and enough weight to make the lifts heavy. And when I mean heavy, I mean your heavy sets should be at around 3-5 reps.

And since you're 6'1", then I suggest you mix in some partial reps with some full range repetitions. Taller lifters tend to respond better to heavy partial reps.

As long as you focus on lifting heavy on the big lifts with some adjunct lifts for the arms (dumbbell curls and lying EZ-curl bar extensions), then you should gain some weight as long as you eat A LOT. If you're not going to eat meat for your protein, then eat a lot of dairy, nuts, beans and eggs.
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