Focus for Big Wide Lats

"First I wanted to say thanks for the article on widening your back. I just read it over, and yes it looks brutal, but that's what I'm looking for in some back exercises. I only have one question and it might seem dumb, but are the 4 different techniques meant to be all on one workout or are they meant to be separated? Currently I'm doing my back exercises on Wednesdays with 3 sets of 3 techniques. Should I take one of these techniques and sub it into one of my current techniques, or should I drop the 3 I do now and use all 4 of your techniques?

Simple, maybe dumb questions, but I thought I'd go right to the author for some info.

I've been really dabbling into bodybuilding for the past few months and have loved all the information I've found. I've learned a lot and I know I still need to learn A LOT more. I've lost about 35 pounds since April 2008.

Thank you in advance for you assistance,"

- Corey

My Answer: Well first off, let me say congratulations on losing 35 pounds. Bodybuilding is very different from regular exercising in the sense that you have to be much more focused. You have to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your physique and prioritize your training and eating to develop a complete look. Most people just go to the gym and have no focus in their workouts, and have no goals in mind to accomplish. They just go to the gym to workout. It's like driving a car with no destination in mind. You might have gone for a nice ride, but that was all you accomplished. Bodybuilding requires that a workout produces a result.

Each one of the Wingspan Workouts is a workout, so yes, each technique is a different workout. If you want to incorporate them into your program, then simply choose one of the techniques and substitute them for you back workout.
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