New Volume on the Horizon

I just wanted to say that I have been following your mesocycle program [from Volume Two] and have seen excellent results after just a few weeks. I am in week 5 now and my shirts are all of a sudden much smaller! I have been lifting for 5 years now and have never had results so quickly. Thank you!

- Dan B.

My Answer: I'm happy that you like the program, Dan. Strength and Physique, Volume Two is a very tough program, but those who follow it to a T will be rewarded with newfound size and muscularity.

I'm actually working on another bodybuilding book, which will be about training and lifestyle for the busy bodybuilder. Whereas Neo-Classical Bodybuilding is about the most you can do achieve mass and muscularity in an ideal situation, this new book is going to be about the least you can do to achieve mass and muscularity while still living a life outside the gym. It's meant for the Renaissance Man who wants a phenomenal physique, but also wants to live life and pursue other interests.

This idea came about simply because my life has gotten busier and busier over the years. Most of us have to juggle work, family and hobbies, and yet most magazines and books will prescribe you a program where you have to commit to the gym often. This new book will show you how to train differently and more effectively for a busy and unpredictable schedule.

Like I said, I'm still working on the book, so I'm not sure when it'll hit the market. My wife and I are expecting, and the baby is now overdue. So it may be awhile before I get this book out.

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