Pyramid Sets Means Increase the Weight

I read your hardgainer workout article with the 10-8-6-15 recommendation. I increase the weight each time (decrease for the 15). This is a good idea isn't it? How else will I push my body to get stronger if I dont increase the weight? Tell me what you think.

OR should I keep the 10 and 8 rep sets the same weight from workout to workout but push myself on the 6 rep one? Then eventually increase the 10 and 8? I want to try to increase weight every workout, so I don't plateau. I am a hardgainer and want to get big with solid muscle.

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My Answer: I thought pyramid training was pretty clear, but I guess I need to keep reiterating this. Yes, increase the weight from set to set (with the exception of the 4th set of 15 reps, where you decrease the weight). Increase the weight slightly every workout.
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