The 3 Week Rule

I read your Hypertrophy training for Ectomorphs article and was wondering how long should I remain on that program once I begin?

I am a slim guy who has trouble gaining weight & size. I am going to begin your program tomorrow. I am a former Marine and now I am a radio DJ in Detroit. Also supplements, here is a list of my current supplements that I will be using with your program:

- Superpump 250 & Creatine Monohydrate
- Whey Protein
- L-Glutamine
- Multi-Vitamin
- Fish Oil

Thank You,


My Answer: Ideally you should stick with a program until you're no longer gaining in size and/or strength. As a general rule, stick with a program for 3 weeks, then move on to the next. BUT you can stick to a program for longer as long as you are gaining. After the gains stop, then I suggest you follow the 5x5 Heavy-Light program.
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