Same But Different

Hey James,

I've currently being doing a strength program to get my numbers higher up and build more of a foundation.

I want to start doing the Shotgun Method again, but I have a quick question about exercise selection.

Is it necessary to change up the exercises each time I work out? Or should I keep using what works until it just stops yielding results? I've been following programs for the past 3 months that required you to use the same exercises each workout, and I made significant gains. Just wondering if it's necessary to change specific exercises regularly or not.



My Answer: You don't have to change exercises every time you work out. It really depends on your goal. If you are looking to fully maximize muscular hypertrophy, then it's best to rotate through different exercises throughout the week. If your goal is strength, however, then sticking to the same exercises from workout to workout is better. The Shotgun Method would allow you to do either: change it up or stick with a handful of exercises.

There is a third way: you can do a handful of exercises all the time, but perform variations of them every so often. The exercises are the same, but at the same time different.

For example, here's how you would do the same exercises from workout to workout, but perform different variations:

Bench press to Close grip bench press to Floor press

Wide grip pull-ups to Medium grip pull-ups to Medium grip chin-ups

Deadlifts to Sumo deadlifts to Snatch grip deadlifts

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