Fat Loss: Where to Start?

I have been reading your blog, and I am really impressed. But I am looking for concise information on losing weight and gaining muscle. I hope you can provide the right direction. I am 5'4", and I weigh about 212 lbs. I am really not sure where to start. I have been taking karate for the last 2 months. I have lost about 8 pounds, and I really like it. I want to lose 40 lbs. of weight and gain muscle.

Which of your books should I buy, and which training program should I follow?


My Answer: As far as which of my books would be best for you, I'd recommend Volume One or Volume 2: Neo-Classical Bodybuilding. Both volumes have a chapter on strength training for fat loss.

You might also want to go to the bookstore and pick up the June-July 2010 issue of Planet Muscle. I have an article on "Four Dietary Strategies" that will point you in the right direction as far as eating.

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