New Article: Controlled Overtraining for Muscle Growth

I have a few articles out there in queue with a number of magazines. It's hard to keep track of them, so every so often I'm surprised when I see one pop up. Most mags don't let you know if they're going to print your article or not. One time I went to a Barnes and Noble, picked up a mag and thought to myself,

"Here's this stupid ass magazine that didn't want to publish my..."

[thumbing through the pages]

"... well what do you you know? They picked up my article! Aww, that's great... Hey wait a minute... they didn't pay me! Those cheap, thievin' bastards."

Of course, at the time I was new to freelancing and didn't know that mags pay after the article is in print or online. Anyway, I have a new article at TMuscle:

Controlled Overtraining for Muscle Growth

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