How Long on The Shotgun Method?

My girlfriend’s son is a federal inmate in Kentucky. For months his conversation included comments about you and how he’d love to receive some of your strength building material. Corey instructs a strength building class in prison. Recently I’d sent Corey several of your books, which has helped him immensely. Here’s a question Corey wanted answered:

Shotgun Method: How long do you do that routine before you incorporate a decompression phase?


My Answer: Wow, I never thought my books would end up in a federal prison. Anyway to answer your question, the Shotgun Method typically lasts anywhere from 2-4 weeks. The Shotgun workouts are very taxing and can take a lot of you. So how long you stay on the program depends on when you start to feel overtrained.

When you first do the Shotgun workout, you will feel somewhat energized, because the multiple sets of low reps is waking up your nervous system. Once you start dreading the workouts or you find your energy levels diminished, then that's when you switch to a decompression program for a few weeks. People will typically hit this wall anywhere from 2-4 weeks.
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