Quest for the Lean Physique


Thank you for your suggestions from my last email. I found your first book short but informative. In there I found some exercises and training methods that over my years I haven’t come across.

But, I am wondering something. I want to reduce body fat but gain muscle in place of it. Your first book gave me a good bit of food for thought. I have 3 more weeks of training my way, and I am not training in the muscle frequency you suggest. I want to try split A or Split B.

I am interested to see the changes if any will happen. Little confused as to exercises to employ in those methods. Do you have any suggestions? I am looking forward to buying your next book in the series.

Your books appeal to all body sizes, but I see you pay attention to the ectomorph. I used to be an ectomorph, but through training I am now I would think more of a mesomorph. Do you have any of your books that would be more suited to me next? Or would you just suggest Volume 2 then so on?

I stand 5’10" and weigh about 210 lbs. I used to be at my best 235 with 7% bodyfat but then got injured. Trying to get down to 200 lbs and ripped.

Thank You,

My Answer:  With regards to exercises, there is a chapter on "Symmetry or Bulk."  This chapter will help you prioritize as to what exercises to do.  Every major muscle group has a chapter devoted to it, and each of these chapters mentions the most effective exercises for their respective muscle group.  So any of the exercises listed throughout the book will do.

Now if you want to lean up, then experiment with the 7 different training strategies for fat loss found in the chapter "Strong and Ripped."

Volume One is a good introduction to my training philosophy, but Neo-Classical Bodybuilding puts it all together into clear cut training programs.  You will find a chapter on "Strength Training for Fat Loss," which will help in your quest for leaner, muscular physique.  So yes, get Volume 2 next.
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