Walk Before You Run

I was just reading your Return to Copland article on Bodybuilding.com. I'm currently taking police foundation courses in college and was wondering whether this would be a good workout to follow. I'm looking for something that will mainly help develop size and strength. Or would you have something else in mind? 

Thanks in advance.


My Answer: Now if you just want size and strength, then any program will do. Given that you're in college and not yet hired as a cop, then I suggest any other size and strength program. I don't know your physical background, so I can't make a specific suggestion.

The RTC workout is meant for the patrol officer. If you want a combination of size, strength, conditioning and aesthetics meant specifically for patrol, then this is the program. It is a tough program to follow, so I suggest you break yourself in with an easier program first, then follow the RTC workout.

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