Neo-Classical Bodybuilding to Burn Fat

I am into book two and now wondering about training. You have many different programs to try. I did take down and put into an excel the hypertrophy routine you put in the book. Before I jump on in and try it out is this the one for me that you would suggest.

Just a refresher. I am 40 and 210 just have some belly fat but have been training 5 -6 days a week for about 5 months consistently. So, if you could give me your thoughts it would be appreciated.

Thank You,

My Answer: Neo-Classical Bodybuilding has a chapter on Strength training for fat loss, so I suggest you follow that program for a few weeks to break you in for the Neo-Classical workouts. Although the Neo-Classical workouts were not meant specifically for fat loss, they are tough to do. If you watch your diet, then you should get ripped on the program.

So bottom line: follow the Building a Bigger Engine program for a few weeks, then switch to the Neo-Classical Bodybuilding workouts.
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