Wingspan Workouts Adapted for the Chest

I have been looking for a routine in the weight room to shock my lats. I am a master swim club member and go to the gym daily as well as the pool. I [have] a streamlined body type, but have been consistently building lean mass in order to 1) feel good about not being the skinny guy and 2) getting faster in the pool. Your article on back workouts is the first I have found to be reasonable without too big a fear of pulling something or destroying my body in the long run. I have two questions for you:

1. With your article, are you suggesting doing all those workouts in one sessions? Or splitting them up so you do a different one every week in a rotation? Or choosing one to do in a workout rotation for several weeks, then another for another rotation of several weeks.

2. What workout would you suggest to couple with your back workouts, as far as chest in order to keep everything equal.

Thank you. You wrote a great article, and I am interested in any more suggestions you would have.

Kyle B.

My Answer: Yes each technique is a workout. Hence the title Wingspan WorkoutS. What you can do is rotate through each of the workouts for your back in a span of 2 weeks. So Workout #1 for your back will be trisets, #2 will be 10 sets of pull-ups, #3 will be giant sets and #4 will be negative pull-ups.

Be warned: you will be sore as hell. Swimming, however, should help provide some active recovery for your back.

As far as your chest, any workout will do. Strength and Physique, Volume One has 2 chapters devoted to chest training, so check that out. But what you can do in the meantime is use the same techniques for the chest as you use for the back. In other words:

Workout #1: Trisets
Workout #2: 10 sets
Workout #3: Giant sets
Workout #4: Negatives
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