Fiber Type Training

Hey James,
I have been doing the Ectomorph Pyramid training for 4 weeks now. Your advice is to switch to the 5x5 workout. Will switching to different rep ranges hinder my muscle with respect to muscle fibers? What I mean is, do these two workouts work different types of muscle fiber? On a side note, to hit your Type 2B fibers, do you have to do explosive movements? I am assuming that the pyramid and 5x5 training work the same fibers, 2A.

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My Answer: The programs will work two different sets of muscle fiber. The Hypertrophy Training for the Ectomorph program will work the 2A fibers, while the 5x5 program will work the 2B fibers.

I wouldn't worry about working 2 different fiber types. It will not hinder your muscle gains. Regardless of the fiber type and rep range, always perform the reps explosively (unless a program specifically states otherwise). Fast repetitions recruit more muscle fiber than slow repetitions.
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