Pyramid Your Reps, Pyramid Your Weight

Hello, I’m a 34 (soon to be 35) year old looking to gain muscle and weight. Although I eat a lot, (at least I think I do) I’ve been at 145-150 lbs for as long as I can remember. I saw your article on and would like to give it a try.

My only question with the pyramid program is: Do I change the weight for each rep? In other words, do I lift the weight 10 times with a certain weight and then 8 times with another weight, and so on and so forth? Or, do I find a weight that I can lift 15 times and do all sets with that weight?

Any help would be appreciated.

- M. Palacios

My Answer: Yes, adjust the weight according to the repetitions. Adjust the weight so that you come close to failure at each target rep.
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