Consistency is Key

My name is Clay. I currently live in Queensland, Australia. I have been going to the gym for some time in the past. However for the last 1-2 yrs have not been able to fully get involved with the routine. Living in a remote area of Australia as a pilot we have a backyard gym with all the necessary equipment to train. I have thus been getting back into the gym everyday resting after about 5 days, then back into it again.

I'm around 6' and weigh 73Kg's (have done so for the past 2 years without any shift, minimal weight gain). Age: 24.

I realise that I am an ectomorph. My metabolism is amazingly fast. I eat quite a lot of pasta, chicken, spaghetti and fruit but never seem to put on any weight. I'm quite thin however. After going to the gym, my definition comes about quite quickly. The issue I have is that I want to put on bigger muscle and some weight. With the right diet and the combination of the right protein and calories with the right workout I know this can be achieved.

I would like to know from your experience, and if it is not to much trouble, could you layout the best possible program for me in the gym to gain muscle and more definition and what are some good supplements I can take for my body type.

Currently I do one body part a day, 12,8,6,4,2 reps with three different stations. I move from one station to another after each set of reps, working down. Is this the right routine for me? Or is the 10,8,6,15 working on all muscle groups but one machine each day better?

Any advice you can forward me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks mate!!

My Answer: First off your training is all wrong. You're essentially doing circuit training, which is why you're getting ripped, but not bigger. The 10,8,6,15 is more appropriate for you, since it is HYPERTROPHY training for the ECTOMORPH. I explain every reason why you need to train each muscle group with ONE exercise 3 times per week as opposed to devoting a workout to each body part.

Consistency is what you need, seeing as you have not been training consistently for the past 2 years. And that means hitting each body part 3 times per week. No five day lay-offs.

Secondly, pasta, chicken and fruit alone will not get you big. You need to eat a wide variety of foods and ingest more calories from fat. Eat more varieties of meat. If you want a supplement, then get a good protein powder. A combination of whey and casein is best. Not the cheap Muscle Milk they sell at Costco to unsuspecting newbies who don't read labels.
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