The Critical Drop-off Point

My name is Dan. I'm an ectomorph. I weigh a "staggering" 101.2 lbs. I'm 5'2". My sleep duration is usually less than 8 hours. I'm a student nurse. My schedule is hectic. I can't eat 6x a day. Could you please give me some tips on what and how to eat?

I really liked the idea of following the 10-8-6-15 program. But how about the starting weight of the barbells and dumbells? How heavy should the weights be as a start? I have been to the gym before, but I got frustrated. Your help will really be appreciated.

Looking forward to your reply. Thank you and more power.

P.S. I'm broke. I have no job. I can't really buy your book even though I wanted to. This is the only way for me to ask your help.

My Answer: It's not necessary to eat 6 times a day. What is necessary, however, is that you eat a lot of calories and protein. So if you can only fit in 3 meals a days, then just make sure they're 3 large meals. It is about total caloric intake, not how many meals a day.

As far as what to eat, you should be eating a lot of protein and calorically dense foods. High calorie foods have a lot of fat as well as protein. So that means a lot of meats, eggs, dairy and nuts. Carbohydrates from breads and pastas are fine, since you need the extra calories. But do not make carbs the majority of your food intake. If you think cereal is a good breakfast, then you're in big trouble. You must make meat and eggs the foundation of all your meals.

With regards to starting weight the 10-8-6-15 program, it's simple: start with your 10 rep maximum and add weight as you go from set to set. Substract weight for the 15 rep set. Use a weight that allows you to hit the target rep for each set.

It's that simple.

Hello, I just purchased your book from Amazon. I'm new to all this, so I was wondering if you can help by clarifying the Density and Decompression Workouts.
Let's say for the Chest and Back workout:
  1. neck press
  2. dumbbell press
  3. flyes
  4. pull-ups
  5. seated cable row
  6. side lying rear flyes
Do I go through the whole series of exercises as a circuit and then rest or do I do straight sets on each exercise (i.e. neck press, rest, neck press, rest) until I reach the "critical drop-off point" and then move on to the next exercise?

My Answer: Thanks for purchasing my book, Phil. To answer your question, you will perform straight sets on each exercise. In other words, stick with an exercise and perform set after set until you reach the critical drop-off point. How long you rest is up to you. You may only do 2 sets on an exercise, or you may do 12 sets on an exercise. It will vary from exercise to exercise and it will depend on how long you rest in between sets.

Using the critical drop-off point is what allows you to train instinctively. It will determine the optimal number of sets for YOU on any given exercise on any given day.
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