Alternating Exercises on Hypertrophy Training for the Ectomorph

I read your article and did my best to understand all of it's facets. Does 6 days of training, then, imply each body group gets hit twice each week with a different exercise than the one prior to it? For example, bench press and squats Monday, and then incline BP and deadlifts on Thursday. Is that the idea?

I'm excited to get into this.

Thanks again for your contributions!

My Answer: No, each body part gets hit 3 times per week. Not two. An ectomorph needs to train briefly, intensely BUT FREQUENTLY. An ectomorph cannot handle high volume workouts, so his volume should be spread across the week. Three times a week, 4 sets per body part (not per exercise) is best for an ectomorph.

This means doing 3 whole body workouts a week, every other day. Or you can do a upper body/lower body split and do 6 workouts a week. You would still stick to 4 sets per body part, but feel free to alternate your exercises from workout to workout. An upper/lower split might look like this:

Upper Body Workout
Bench press
Seated rows
Lateral raises
Barbell curls
Close grip press

Lower Body Workout
Leg curls
Standing machine calf raises
Hanging leg raises
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