Local Stress vs Global Stress

Hi my name's Lucas. I'm trying to lose some weight for ROTC and also want to start getting ready for (hopefully) becoming an MP. Could you give me some tips for beginning fat loss resistance training? Thanks alot.

My Answer: Strength training for fat loss is very different from strength training for muscle gain. For muscle gain, you do straight sets in an attempt to flush a select set of muscles with blood and create lactic acid build up. This localized build up releases a number of hormones which grow muscle. In other words, to build a particular set of muscles you have to keep the stress on it for an extended period of time.

For fat loss, it's completely different. Your entire musculature has to stressed. You avoid localized stress (straight sets) and attempt to stress your musculature globally. Instead of straight sets and seeking the pump in a particular muscle group, you should avoid the pump and work the entire body.

This is why circuit training is used for fat loss. Logistically, however, circuit training is problematic, because you'll need to have access to several pieces of equipment at the same time. There is a way to get around this, which I go over in my article on Strength Training for Fat Loss.

It is a highly effective strength training program for fat loss, but I do list 6 other strength training programs for fat loss in my book Strength and Physique, Volume One
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