Alternating Pull-ups with Rows

Regarding the pyramid program, I know you said to stick with one exercise per muscle, but could you do barbell bent over rows for 2 sets and do pullups for 2 sets? I feel like I need to add pullups to the routine because they are one of the best back exercises, and I definitely won't be able to hit 15 reps with pullups.

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My Answer- I suggest you follow one of 2 options:

1) Do 3 sets of pull-ups followed by one set of pulldowns. If you cannot do 15 pull-ups, then instead do 3 sets of as many pull-ups as possible. Finish off with a burnout set of 15 pulldowns.

2) Alternate pull-ups with seated cable rows from workout to workout. For one workout, do 4 sets of as many pull-ups as possible for your back. Don't worry about sticking to the 10-8-6-15. Then on your next workout, do seated cable rows for your back with a 10-8-6-15 rep scheme. If you want to do barbell rows instead of cable, that's fine. I prefer cable rows to barbell rows.
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