Guns, Ammo and Muscle

First let me say a huge "Thanks." I've been doing some kind of weight training since... geez, the early 70's. I spent a career with San Diego PD and worked out at Gold's for years. Got pretty big, 6'1, 260 lbs @ 10% BF.

Cruising through Amazon the other day for Gironda readings, and I happened upon your books. Did my due diligence, saw that you are PD and decided to get Volumes 1 and 2.

Holy Schazam! Read The Articles: clarity and simplicity in less than an afternoon. Years of past practices gone. So simple even a "Blockhead" like me can figure it out!

I tried one of the "Trisets" mixed in with one of my splits. Nice pump, some burn but nothing super-duper. Until today! Holy Crap, I feel like it
was my first time to the gym. I haven't felt this way for a long time! Awesome!!!

So I quickly dove into Volume 2 and ordered Volumes 3 and 4.

I am planning my start next week with your "Mesocycle". I've had thoughts along these lines but just didn't have the inside track on what, why, how much or how long.

Thanks for your PD service and a super thanks for your exquisite bodybuilding books.

-Retired SDPD Sergeant

P.S. By chance do you know Roy Huntington, a Guns & Ammo writer?

My Answer: Thanks for the high praise, Sarge. I don't know Roy Huntington. It's not like all us magazine writers hang out together, you know?

I'm glad that you're getting a lot from the books. The longer you train, the harder it is to find that new stimulus, new ways of training that reboot muscle growth. You'll enjoy the next 2 volumes, because there are a lot of different programs and training philosophies in these books.

I am planning on writing a 5th and final book, one that shows a variety of exercises to hit your musculature at different angles and with different force curves. I've shot all the photos that will go into the book, but my writing of the book has been on hiatus due to work and family. Hopefully Volume 5 will be out in 2012 before the apocalypse.

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