H.I.T. for Poor Strength Endurance

Just flicking through Volume Two and reading about the Supercharging H.I.T. programs and it mentions people that the program might be good for.

One section says, "Individuals who have really crappy neural endurance - Some lifters have no strength endurance, no matter what stage they are in their training history."

This definitely feels like me, as I am an intermediate lifter and been training long enough, [but] I don't have any strength endurance. We had recently put this down to low T, but could it simply be that I have crappy neural endurance?

I mention this, because I even struggle to get through the Low T/Fast Twitch program in your book Tactics and Strategies. Would I be better suited to a HIT type program?

Thanks again,

My Answer: Well, there's only way to find out and that's to try out a H.I.T. type of program. For all we know, you could have both: low T and poor strength endurance. Sort of sucks.

But knowing what your weaknesses allows you to overcome them. You can still gain quite a bit of muscle and strength on H.I.T. type of programs. You just don't have strength endurance. As long as you adhere to the principles in that chapter (1-2 sets per exercise, short frequent training), then you should make some progress.
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