Rest Periods for Specialization Routines


Awesome books!!! Workouts feel so productive, and I look forward to the challenges your plans put on me.

I was just looking into the chest specialization to use when I get done with my 14 week mesocycle. The question is on workout #2: after the neck press the other exercises do not show any rest periods. Same thing on workout #4. Are they to be done one after the other and then loop back to the first exercise?

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My Answer: In general, if there are no rest periods designated, then rest periods are up to you. For the chest specialization routine, all other body parts are on maintenance training, which means 3 sets of 6-8 reps with no strict adherence to rest periods.

To keep things consistent, however, do the neck presses in workout #2 with 90 seconds rest, then do the other exercises with 90 seconds rest as well. Rest 90 seconds for all exercises in workout #4 also.
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