Pre and Peri-Workout Nutrition

Feliz 2012!! I have some questions:

1. When should I have to reset my metabolism? Is that noticing the amount of protein intake not increasing the muscle mass anymore the only way to know? Does "carb up" mean the same as reseting the metabolism? Why does it work to reset the metabolism by eating as much carbs as you want? How long should it be to reset the metabolism? Can it be the routine like the ZigZag diet every week?

2. Do you have any advice for a pre-workout intake, a during workout intake, and post workout intake? Do I need to do that in order to gain muscle effectively?

3. A breathing question: I do exercises holding my breath. Should I breathe into the lungs or into the stomach (the Valsalva technique)? Or does it depend on what kind of exercises?

Thank you so much for spending your time and helping me out.

All the best,

My Answer: Too many questions Mike. So I'll answer your questions simply.

1) Just do the ZigZag Diet.

2) If you have the money, then invest in pre and peri-workout nutrition and don't worry about post-workout nutrition: Anaconda Protocol.

If you don't have the money, then invest in post-workout nutrition instead and don't worry about pre and peri-workout nutrition: Surge Recovery.

3) Inhale during the eccentric portion, filling up your diaphragm as opposed to your lungs. Exhale during the concentric portion of the lift.
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