TRX Chest Compound Sets


First off just a huge thank you. Working out is a challenge and fun and at times got me wanting even more! The only question is after 13 weeks of density, volume and frequency training, I am choosing to focus on a chest specialization. How long do I follow that? And how many days a week do I train? My problem area is my center upper chest right before the clavicle.


My Answer: Glad you like the workouts from Neo-Classical Bodybuilding. The chest specialization program should be done for three weeks. As you can see in the chart, it is a four day a week program.

If you're looking to build up the upper chest, then you should focus on shallow incline presses (20 to 30 degree incline). If you have access to TRX straps, then try chest flyes followed immediately by chest press:

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