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Career Choices: PT or LE?

I'm currently studying criminology and plan on working for my local police. At the same time I have had a burning passion for fitness/health/working out and want to be a personal trainer. For the last 6 months ever since I've entered the university, I have been in a constant tug of war between choosing to be a personal trainer and a police officer.

I came by your articles and found out that you are a police officer, personal trainer and Asian-American (like myself). It's really inspiring to see someone like that.

My question is:

Would majoring in criminology, minoring in kinesiology and a certificate in personal training be a good idea to pursue a job similar to yours?

Aaron L.

My Answer: I was an independent trainer before becoming a peace officer. I stopped training once I started law enforcement, but resumed training clients off-duty a few years into my career.  Then I stopped training once I had a daughter.

There are pros and cons to both jobs.  The great thin…

Ascending Order of Pull-up Difficulty


I was trying to make sure that I am doing different exercises on each workout. I am doing close grip pulldowns on workouts #4, and for workout #3 I am trying to incorporate Back/Biceps/Delt in one exercise. So pull-ups is the answer?

I was trying to follow the routine. I guess I thought of using some weights, because the reps are 6-8. Should I just do as many as possible? Never thought of shoulders being taxed enough, but you know best!

Oh, and I am going to find a gym while I am skiing. I am so close to achieving the body I want that I have to continue even out there. I am at a point where I feel everything I do counts more. Before I wasn’t in shape, and if I missed working out or eating then it didn’t affect me as much.

That is my biggest problem now is eating. I don’t like to eat as much as I need to or as often as I should. And I am married with kids too. That makes dinners hard, because either they don’t eat and food (money) is sitting there going to be throw…

Not Doing Chin-ups? THEN SLAP YOURSELF!


I am trying to put together a volume decompression workout. So far I think I got it worked out, but I am looking for an exercise other than reverse grip pulldowns for back/biceps/delts. Do you have a suggestion?


My Answer: Chin-ups. If you can't do chin-ups, then shame on you!

I'm kidding. But you really got ask yourself why you can't or won't do chin-ups. If you don't want to do chin-ups because you can't do many and you don't want to appear weak at the gym, then slap yourself. Set your ego aside at the door and do the chin-ups.

If you don't want to do chin-ups because they're hard to do, then you should slap yourself and quit being so lazy. Exercise is supposed to be hard work. Exercise should not be impossible to do nor should it be injurious to the body , but it should be somewhat difficult to do.

If you can't do a single chin-up at all, then do some partner-assisted negative chin-ups one workout a week. 3-5 rep n…

Kettlebell Swings on the Return to Copland Workout

I am a police officer and I want to try the workout that is posted on I just have a couple questions:

First, I see that you have workouts for weeks 1&2 and weeks 4&5. Is week 3 a rest week? If week 3 is a rest week, do you recommend doing some cardio or something or strictly rest?

Second, in weeks 1&2 in workout #3 exercise D: I can't find a video or description for swings. I was wondering if you could explain swings for me or provide a video. Thanks for the workout and thank you for your time.

-J. F.

My Answer: That's a typo. Week 3 is actually Week 4. So do Weeks 1 and 2 and then on Week 3 go directly to the Decompression program and follow that for 2 weeks.

Swings refer to kettlebell swings. You can either do them 2-handed or one-handed:

Stressing the Entire Strength Curve for Full Muscular Growth


I enjoy all of your books, and I feel I grasp somewhat the concept of the density training. But I get lost when trying to make my own routines up. More specifically the exercises and how you decide to put them together. For example the trisets in the density training. I can’t believe the gains I have gotten through your routines, and I want to understand more so I can keep the gains coming. Are you going to come out with any more books?


My Answer: I do plan to write one more book, and in this 5th book, I will go into more detail about exercise selection and the principles governing the construction of your own routines.

When I create trisets and compound sets, I look at 2 things when selecting exercises:

Stressing each portion of the strength curveStressing all portions of a muscle

So let's just use the biceps area as an example. When you curl, you will feel the weight more or less at certain portions of the movement.  If you do preacher curls, then the beginning ra…

Before and After Pictures


Take A Break from Training During Vacations


I completed the 13 weeks of density and the decompression training. Finishing up the Chest specialization and now wondering what would you suggest instead of specialization training again? I thought of going back to the density training, but do you have any other suggestions?

What stinks is I am going on a ski trip in 7 weeks. The hotel has a decent gym but the only free weights are dumbbells.


My Answer: I say go back to the density phase in Neo-Classical Bodybuilding. Alternate between density and decompression for the next 7 weeks. When you go on your ski trip, just take a week off from training. This will give your muscles and nervous system a much needed break.

When you come back from your trip, your body should be refreshed and ready to tackle the weights. You can either start over with a density phase or do another specialization routine.

Have fun skiing!