Ascending Order of Pull-up Difficulty


I was trying to make sure that I am doing different exercises on each workout. I am doing close grip pulldowns on workouts #4, and for workout #3 I am trying to incorporate Back/Biceps/Delt in one exercise. So pull-ups is the answer?

I was trying to follow the routine. I guess I thought of using some weights, because the reps are 6-8. Should I just do as many as possible? Never thought of shoulders being taxed enough, but you know best!

Oh, and I am going to find a gym while I am skiing. I am so close to achieving the body I want that I have to continue even out there. I am at a point where I feel everything I do counts more. Before I wasn’t in shape, and if I missed working out or eating then it didn’t affect me as much.

That is my biggest problem now is eating. I don’t like to eat as much as I need to or as often as I should. And I am married with kids too. That makes dinners hard, because either they don’t eat and food (money) is sitting there going to be thrown out. Or just making stuff that they will eat which isn’t the best for me is the other problem.


My Answer: Yes do pull-ups. If the workout calls for 6-8 reps, then do a pull-up variation where you perform 6-8 reps max. So if you can only perform 3-5 pull-ups, then that's perfectly fine.

If you can do 10-12 regular full range pull-ups, then do a harder pull-up variation wher you can do 6-8 reps max. Here are some pull-up variations in ascending order difficulty:

Mixed grip chin-ups (moderately difficult)

Sternum chin-ups (difficult)

Subscapularis Pull-ups (extremely difficult)

As for diet, I understand it's very difficult with family and kids. Ever since my daughter was born, I've just been eating like crap. My girl is a picky eater, so I end up eating whatever she doesn't want, which could be anything from Gummy Bears to mac and cheese.

What I do with regard to diet is damage control. During work I make sure I don't get hungry. I make sure I eat enough good quality protein and drink a lot of water. Since work and commuting takes up 11 hours of my 16 hour waking day, I'm eating clean 11/16th's or 69% of the time.
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