Kettlebell Swings on the Return to Copland Workout

I am a police officer and I want to try the workout that is posted on I just have a couple questions:

First, I see that you have workouts for weeks 1&2 and weeks 4&5. Is week 3 a rest week? If week 3 is a rest week, do you recommend doing some cardio or something or strictly rest?

Second, in weeks 1&2 in workout #3 exercise D: I can't find a video or description for swings. I was wondering if you could explain swings for me or provide a video. Thanks for the workout and thank you for your time.

-J. F.

My Answer: That's a typo. Week 3 is actually Week 4. So do Weeks 1 and 2 and then on Week 3 go directly to the Decompression program and follow that for 2 weeks.

Swings refer to kettlebell swings. You can either do them 2-handed or one-handed:

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