Not Doing Chin-ups? THEN SLAP YOURSELF!


I am trying to put together a volume decompression workout. So far I think I got it worked out, but I am looking for an exercise other than reverse grip pulldowns for back/biceps/delts. Do you have a suggestion?


My Answer: Chin-ups. If you can't do chin-ups, then shame on you!

I'm kidding. But you really got ask yourself why you can't or won't do chin-ups. If you don't want to do chin-ups because you can't do many and you don't want to appear weak at the gym, then slap yourself. Set your ego aside at the door and do the chin-ups.

If you don't want to do chin-ups because they're hard to do, then you should slap yourself and quit being so lazy. Exercise is supposed to be hard work. Exercise should not be impossible to do nor should it be injurious to the body , but it should be somewhat difficult to do.

If you can't do a single chin-up at all, then do some partner-assisted negative chin-ups one workout a week. 3-5 rep negative reps is all you need to do. For your other back workouts, choose a different back exercise that's not a pull-up or chin-up.
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