Widening the Back, Widening the Shoulders

Hi James,

Fantastic article I found of yours on widening the lats. What are the best shoulder exercises to "widen" the shoulders to go along with the wide lats. I'm on a fat loss/lifting regimen and trying to promote the v-taper look. Thanks for any help you can give. Loved the article and very helpful. Can't wait to incorporate it.

BTW I'm on a 4 day split body part lifting program. How would I incorporate your routine into that? Maybe do one day of the back like you said and keep the other? Not sure myself.


My Answer: If you're doing a 4-way split, then do one of the Wingspan Workouts for back day. Be sure to change to a different Wingspan Workout every 3-4 weeks. Now for widening the shoulders, any lateral raise will do. These are my personal favorites:

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