Quality Muscle vs Big Muscle

I am not fat, but I have a small roll and slight love handles. Now I don't think I'm completely at 24% [body fat].  I think I'm a slight lower than that. Do you think I should still do the Bigger Engine workout? Will that keep my size up? I have over all pretty big arms and a wide chest. 

-B. Smith

My Answer: Even if you're "slightly" lower than 24%, you've still got some fat to lose.  Like I said, at least 10% less would be better.  Why are you worried about losing size if you say your arms and chest are big already?

Sounds like you don't want to give up any size, even if it's fat.  But leaning down means you lose fat in and around your muscles.  You will lose size to some degree, because fat does add to muscle size.

Go with the Bigger Engine program.  Use it as a density phase workout for a few weeks.  Then switch to a decompression workout like the 5x5.  This way you focus on one goal at a time: 3 weeks of fat lost, 3 weeks of muscular size and density.
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