Quality Muscle

It's weird, but I have lost 10 lbs, and people say I look bigger. I have abs now and no love handles. Is it normal to look bigger and yet weigh less?

My Answer: Yes, this is perfectly normal.  Nobody gives a rat's ass as to how much you weigh.  You don't walk with a number on your forehead.  They're only impressed by how you look. 

If you're fat, then your fat is going to be inside and around your muscles.  Fat gives you size, but it doesn't give you the shape of muscularity.  Fat hides your muscles.  If you burn all the fat inside and around your muscles, then they will have shape.  The striations of your muscles will be clearly defined, and that definition makes you look bigger and more muscular.

Quality muscle, muscle that is hard and lean, is far more impressive than fat smooth muscle.

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