Neo-Classical Bodybuilding: Too Much of a Good Thing

Hello James,

I am sure you have probably covered this before, but I would appreciate it if you could give me some advice as how to adapt a well rounded three and four day routine for some of our female trainees. We are having great success with your comprehensive Neo-Classical program for the guys and was wondering how you would adapt it to suit women, specifically for those that can only train for three or four days. They want the same benefits regarding density and decompression but with a longer mesocycle that does not need changing too often.

One of the reasons is that the guys don't want to keep on changing the program, as every time you pass through the different phases it feels like a first time challenge all from the start!

Thank you for your time,
P. Swart

My Answer: In Tactics and Strategies I have a chapter on training for women. But if you want to adapt the Neo-Classical workout for women, then all you have to do is to assess the body types of the female trainees as A-frame (also known as pear-shaped), T-frame or O-frame (overweight). Then you plug in exercises that complement the body type.

A-frame women need to build their deltoids and teres major. T-frame women need to build up their thighs. O-frame women simply need to lose weight.

It is a common "complaint" with the Neo-Classical workout that people don't want to change programs because they are making good progress and don't want to give it up. Although the phases are two weeks, you could stay on it longer as long as you continue making progress. Three to four week phases are fine, but watch for any signs of overtraining. Neo-Classical Bodybuilding is extremely effective at putting on muscle, but it is also easy to burn out on the program if you are not careful.
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