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Squat Alternatives

I'm already a big fan of your training methods, and now I'm trying to build my own training program.

After testing some of your training methods I've discovered that the 10-8-6-15 works the best for me to build muscle mass. I'm an ecto, even now I'm not too skinny anymore.

I've achieved a good physique, and now I'm trying just to "finish" the quest. What I mean is to keep up with the muscle building but burning some fat.

I'm already at 8-10% body fat, so its just a matter of training to keep the results and keep going until I get to my goal.

So with my experience and your books, I've planned 3 routines, and I want your opinion which you think will work best, and of course some tips if ts possible.

Here we go:

The 1st Option

8x8 method, but with a compound/super set system and aerobics (HIIT) for legs 3 times a week

/ Bench press
\ Lat pulldown

/ Dumbbell shoulder press
\ Upright row

/ Biceps EZ bar
\ Lying triceps EZ bar

15 minutes of Hig…

Barhitting for Size

I read your article about ectomorphs on I train upper and lower body twice a week. I rest on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. I'd like to know if I should train even more frequently or if this routine was good?

I'm not a true beginner as I used to do barhitting before coming into weightlifting. Yes, I'm skinny but with my old bodyweight workout and good diet, I could put on mass as much as 2 pounds in 2 weeks. I was wondering if I could get better results with weightlifting.



My Answer: You answered your own question. It's really just a matter of diet. Eat a lot of food and strength train in some fashion (whether it's barhitting or weightlifting) and you will gain muscle.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the term "barhitting," it is simply body weight exercises, most of them performed on bars (pull-up bars, parallel bars). It is old school calisthenics: muscle ups, handstand pushups, front lev…

Focus, Focus, Focus

Hey man. I just read about your trisets workouts and the 4 ways to Widen Your Back and have a question regarding it. Are your suggesting to do all four of the workouts in one day or on separate back days? I would really appreciate a response, but if not, I fully understand! I appreciate it and your work in the police force very much.


My Answer: Yo dude. It's four workouts. That means separate days, man.

You'd be crazy to do all four techniques in one workout. Focus man!

Like I said in the last post: one program at a time. I know newbies want to try everything, but you'll make better progress by focusing on one method, one goal. You either focus on mass gain or fat loss. You either focus on trisets or straight sets.

Even personal trainers have a hard time focusing. I've seen a lot of trainees do crazy "circus act" exercises. Somehow they think that doing different exercises at the same time works more muscle or burns more fat. They sort of eq…

Low Set, High Frequency for Older Lifters

Q: I am a detective in southern California and got interested in your website after reading your Copland article. Although I have been working out for years that program really helped, but with the heavy lifting I felt it in the joints and back.

Yesterday I subscribed to your website and saw the post on Bodybuilding at 50. Your comment on a smaller amount of volume and hitting each body part frequently sounds interesting.

I would appreciate it if you could email me the ectomorph program. I was wondering if that would work and which of your books would work for an aging detective who wants to keep fit. I don't seem to be able to get more than 3 days of lifting in, was wondering if the Busy Bodybuilder is more for me.

Thanks for your time and efforts. I appreciate your articles.


My Answer: If you've been doing the Copland workout, then the Ectomorph program will serve as a nice follow-up workout. It is also easier on the joints, since you have to use higher reps. …

Bodybuilding at 50

Hi I'm 45 and started training 3 years ago. Recently I decided to focus doing an amateur bodybuilding competition at 50. I really mean it.

What do you recommend as I start on this long road? I don't know if I'm a ectomorph. Of course I have a hard time building muscle, but I easily gain a pound when I'm eating, mostly fat.


My Answer: Well congratulations on setting a goal for yourself. Five years is plenty of time to prepare for a bodybuilding competition.

If you haven't done so already, then find out what sort of bodybuilding contests you can enter by the time you're 50. They usually have a "masters" competition where contestants 50 and older can enter.

You have five years to gain as much muscle as you can and then get ripped before the contest. So I would suggest educating yourself on all things bodybuilding: training, diet, contest preparation.

Bodybuilding is a process of building, then refining. You build muscle bulk, then you re…