Focus, Focus, Focus

Hey man. I just read about your trisets workouts and the 4 ways to Widen Your Back and have a question regarding it. Are your suggesting to do all four of the workouts in one day or on separate back days? I would really appreciate a response, but if not, I fully understand! I appreciate it and your work in the police force very much.


My Answer: Yo dude. It's four workouts. That means separate days, man.

You'd be crazy to do all four techniques in one workout. Focus man!

Like I said in the last post: one program at a time. I know newbies want to try everything, but you'll make better progress by focusing on one method, one goal. You either focus on mass gain or fat loss. You either focus on trisets or straight sets.

Even personal trainers have a hard time focusing. I've seen a lot of trainees do crazy "circus act" exercises. Somehow they think that doing different exercises at the same time works more muscle or burns more fat. They sort of equate superfluous movements put together as complexity and that this complexity of movement equates to progress in strength.

I'll give you an example: ever see someone doing a lift on top of an unstable surface? You're trying to lift while at the same time you're trying maintain your balance. Studies show that this type of training doesn't result in any strength gains. On the contrary, you lose strength on this type of training. You try to do everything, and you end up achieving nothing. You just end up looking like a bear wearing a Kaiser helmet riding a unicycle.


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