Personal Trainer Certifications

Q: Hey James, what type of certification would you recommend to be a personal trainer?

My Answer: If you get a certification, then get one that will teach you how to grow and run a business.  People in the industry always point to the NSCA certification (which I have) or the ACSM certification as the best certifications to get.  But quite frankly, your clients don't give a shit as to what certification you have.  They can't tell the difference.  Plus these certifications don't do anything to help you with getting your personal training business off the ground.  They just take your money and call you certified.  If you do get certified, then I would suggest something like ISSA, which provides business support.

Q: I am going to try out your 10-8-6-15 pyramid program.
Just want to know how much weight to use?

For example, my 1 rep max is just 13 pounds. how many percent of weight should I use?
Let say I used 10 pounds for 10 reps (failure on the 11th rep),
rest 3-5 minutes,
How much weight I should use for the 8 rep set?
rest 3-5 minutes,
How much weight I should use for the 6 rep set?
rest 3-5 minutes,
How much weight I should use for the LAST 15 rep set?

Really appreciate your attention and your reply.

My Answer: Not to put you down, but 13 POUNDS is your 1RM?!  What's the exercise where your 1RM is 13 pounds?

I don't think you understand what your 1RM is.  To clarify, your 1 rep max is the maximum weight where you can perform no more than 1 full rep in good form.

Your 10RM is the maximum weight where you can perform no more than 10 full reps in good form.

So start off with your 10RM, rest for 3 minutes at most, add a little weight, do 8 reps, rest for 3 minutes, add a little weight, do 6 reps, rest for 3 minutes, remove a lot of weight, do 15 reps.

Your 10RM is the baseline weight, so start with that.

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