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Strength Training for Law Enforcement Book

I have enjoyed reading many of your articles and programs. I have just started my law enforcement career with a department in Hawaii, and I find my training lacking. You are completely right about the way academy's train recruits. That being said I have a long history in lifting. I have been training since I was in the sixth grade, but I now find it hard to train as I once did.

I still workout 4 to 5 days a week. I love running and strength training, and I know it is a strange combo. I still have most of my strength but would like to transition to the types of programs you describe. In addition, my cardio usually consist of running a total of 10 to 15 miles a week.

I am looking for programs as you described like the one in the Copland article. I am having trouble finding more information on workout programs of this type. I would greatly appreciate your help with the type of program I need to not only perform my job to the best of my abilities, but feel better as well.

Thank you,


Strength Training for Fat Loss: Q&A


In your 2nd book on page 94 there is a Modern Strength Training and Fat Loss Program. Some questions:

1) How long should I stick to this program? Is 2 months too long?
2) Is the kettlebell swing a warm-up? If so, I should use a lighter kettlebell
3) I can't take dips because of a shoulder injury. Do you recommend diamond pushups instead, or narrow grip bench presses or some other triceps exercise like triceps extensions for 5-6 reps?

-C. Slotte

My Answer: Yes, 2 months is too long.  I talk about how long to stay on a program in the previous post.

The kettlebell swing will serve as a general warm-up, but you should use a moderately heavy kettlebell, not a light one.

If you can't do dips, then stick with diamond pushups for as many reps as possible.

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When to Change Programs

Hello, I'm a frequent reader of your blogs and write ups. I messaged you once before and you gave great insight and I appreciate it. One thing I have not seen you write about is your recommendation on how long to stick with a specific routine. Your advice and what you recommended works for me as other things have not in the past.  I’m asking this question because I have done your 10-8-6-15 routine for about two months now minus the close grip bench at the end. The second part of my question is where to go from here, would doing the same routine but doing it periodization style be a good transition or sticking with same 10-8-6-15 and just do different exercises? Just looking for your thoughts. Always appreciate your time in answering questions. -Nick
My Answer: I'm a big believer in changing routines often. How long you stay on a program and how often you change it up will depend on a couple of things:

Is the program a block program?  In other words, is it the same workout every ti…

Mass and Muscularity

Hi James!

Me again, I just switched over to the 5x5 program that you linked in the FAQ's of your ectomorph program. I started doing the "Mass and Muscularity" routine, but I have a question: Are the two exercise days only to be done two days out of the week?
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My Answer: Yep the 2 exercise days are done twice a week.

So just an update on my upcoming book "SPV5."  This book is going to have over 200 exercise photos. A lot of these exercises are going to be rather esoteric but highly effective at creating high muscular tension. So a simple "bench press, pulldown, military press, squat, barbell curl" list this is not.

The best part is that most of these exercises can be performed in a home gym with barbells, dumbbells and body weight.  Most exercises work muscle, but not every exercise truly builds muscle.

If you want to build muscle and build muscle in the right places, then this book is a must have.  Some of these exercises yo…