Squats Once a Week

G'day James,

I will be starting your program today, do I need to do the entire 24 sets each day, or can I split 2 muscle groups per day? My last program was the 5x5, and I got a leg injury from squatting 3 times a week.


My Answer: If you're doing 2 muscle groups per day, then this means you're only doing 8 sets per workout.  What I would suggest is do squats once a week, but do the rest of the workout 3 times per week. 

Q: I just got done doing a high volume workout. I'm thinking of doing this:

Bench press-5x5

I have also been doing a thousand pushups a week. Do you think this is too much? What are your suggestions to make it better?

My Answer: I don't see the point of doing a 1,000 pushups a week, but whatever floats your boat.  You should get pretty muscular and ripped doing a 1,000 pushups, but you can get the same fat loss and muscularity if you lowered the total to 100 a week.  In fact, 100 rep targets are a good way to get ripped and muscular.

You should alternate deadlifts and squats from workout to workout.  I've written about this a million times before.  You want to avoid training redundancy, so don't do squats and deadlifts in the same workout.


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