Rome Was Not Built in a Day

I'm hitting a weight loss plateau. After losing around 14 lbs my body seems to not want to lose more fat. I'm currently at 22% body fat on the bioimpedance machine. Current weight of 146 lbs. I can see my 6-pack when I flex my abdominals hard, but it doesn't really show if I don't squeeze it out. If you can get what I mean.

Although I could never perfect the idea of counting calories, because I don't cook and it's hard to avoid fat in meat or protein, seems to go hand and hand w/ most of it. I'm also having a hard time controlling sugar cause let's face it I'm human! But most of the sugars I get is from fruits like mango or banana, plus I need fiber. I do drink a Starbucks flavored drink almost every other day!

I do try to keep at least a 110g of protein at least 160g of sugar and fat is about around 84g. I tried reducing my protein this week, and I noticed some weight loss.

Question: Am I losing muscle if I am reducing my protein? Would posting pic help you, help me out? I'm kinda frustrated w/ trying to lose fat! My trainer says I should at least get cut and then slowly bulk up. Should I get down to 15 or 10% before trying to bulk up? Is there any strategy that can help speed the process up? Should I take those fat burners? Do you have any strategy on how to control your sugar cravings?

My Answer: If you have a trainer, then why are you asking me all these questions?  Isn't that what you're paying him for?  You're certainly not paying me for this advice.

You bought my books.  What does it say in my books about dieting for fat loss?


You're eating 160 grams of sugar everyday.  Reduce the carbs.  If you can't cook your own food because you live at home, then control what you eat when you dine out.  If you have to get Starbuck's everyday, then stick with coffee with cream, no sugar.  Don't be getting frappucinos or lattes or anything sweet.  Do some research, go to their website and look at the nutrition info on their drinks.

Keep up with a high protein, high fat diet.  You want to maintain and even build muscle.  More muscle means you have a bigger engine in which to burn fat.  So don't avoid protein and fat.  Avoid carbs.  Otherwise you're doing everything ass-backwards with regards to dieting.  You can eat fruits, but don't eat bananas as they are high on the glycemic scale.

If you're having sugar cravings, then I suggest drinking green tea and black tea.  Tea will numb your taste buds and lower your appetite.  Tea will also help you burn fat.

Rome was not built in a day.  You lost 14 lbs. the past month.  Most people would kill for that progress.  But you're going to hit a plateau every so often, because your body wants to resist change.  Just power through it.  Work with your trainer and pick his or her brain on how to overcome plateaus.



kris said…
I know about low carbs. I do research and yes that point is valid. Low carb is the standard for losing weight. But I was also thinking that most food that I get to eat is high in oil or fat so I felt that held my weight. The 14 lbs weight loss was done in 2 months btw lol! But thanks!

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