Ectomorph Muscle Building: Nutrition and Training Basics for Muscle Growth

Hello any advice for me? I am 16 years old and want to build muscle. 


My Answer: Well, I have a new article at Muscle and Strength titled Ectomorph Muscle Building: Nutrition And Training Basics For Muscle Growth.  If you're just starting out, then what you want to do is build strength on whole body exercises.  Whole body exercises (such as the clean and press, squat and deadlift) are what I call "anabolic blowtorches."  Done properly, they elicit a huge testosterone response from your body.

So if you focus on perfect your form and getting stronger on these 3 exercises, then you can build quite a bit of muscle.  You can add other exercises that target specific muscle groups, but those should be supplementary exercises.  In Strength and Physique: High Tension Exercises for Muscular Growth you'll find a variety of these supplementary exercises that target each muscle group.

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