How to train the entire body in under 30 minutes

I was hoping to get some advice on a quick (under 30 minutes) workout I could do at home before or after work. As you know, 12 hour shifts are a killer on the body, and sometimes after or before a night shift I just do not have the energy to go the gym. Is there a workout you could recommend I could do at home?

I have a chin-up bar, Bosu ball and a barbell. I was thinking I could the gymnast pull-up/chin routine you have in one of your workouts, but not sure if that would be the most complete/all around workout I could do. Any help would be fantastic. 

Peace Officer,  Protective Services - Edmonton Zone

My Answer: The gymnast's pull-up routine will cover the back and biceps.  If you want a full body routine, then add the following:

  • Front squats
  • Military press
  • Pushups with the feet elevated on the Bosu ball



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